Attendance is 8x more of a predictor of student achievement than prior test scores.

NCMHS students missed 5,135 full days, 654 half days, and checked in or out 8,215 times in 2017-2018.

That’s equivalent to 2,072,885 instructional minutes lost (NOT including the check ins/outs) NCMHS is committed to helping YOU see the benefits of being at school EVERY DAY!

Homerooms with perfect attendance on an announced week will be rewarded. Possible rewards include doughnuts and juice, popsicle party, or pizza party.

Drawings for gift cards & prizes will be done every couple of weeks for students with perfect attendance.

Almost perfect attendance (1 absence and 1 check in/out are allowed) with an A in the class = exempt from midterms (except for DE, AP, and CTE classes with an IBC)
– Dr. Notes & School Functions are excused
– Check-Ins/Check-Outs count against absences unless there’s a dr. note

The first tardy bell rings at 7:55.

Student and homeroom attendance will be posted daily.

Students are late to school if they come after 7:55 and must check in.

In order to protect instructional time from multiple interruptions, if a student checks in at 8:05 (or does not make it to class from the auditorium in a timely fashion) after classes are already in session, the student will be held in the office until 8:15. At 8:15, administrators will escort students to 1st hour class so that there is only one interruption all at once to 1st hour.

At 8:30, administrators will escort students to 1st hour one final time.
Students checking in after 8:30 will not be allowed to go to 1st hour and will be counted absent ncfor the entire hour.

Reminder: If you are absent from school, you are not allowed to participate in school activities, including practice, on that same school day.